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Bonded NdFeB Magnet

Bonded NdFeB Magnets are produced by melt spinning a thin ribbon of the Nd-Fe-B alloy. The ribbon contains randomly oriented Nd2Fe14B na no-scale grains. This ribbon is then pulverized into particles, mixed with a polymer and either compressed or injection molded into bonded magnets. Bonded magnets offer less flux than sintered magnets but can be net-shape formed into intricately shaped parts and do not suffer significant eddy current losses. In addition, it is possible to hot press the melt spun na nocrystalline particles into fully dense isotropic magnets, and then upset-forge/back-extrude these into high energy anisotropic magnets

Bonded Neodymium magnets are produced using compression molding techniques in simple tools and can be quickly machined into complex shapes. The material is isotropic offering approximately 10 MGO, or 30% of the energy observed in the sintered fully dense material. It has a maximum operating temperature of 120oC; the Curie temperature is 340oC. Due to the high Iron content in these magnets, they are prone to corrosion and in order to avoid moisture or hostile environments, particular care is needed. It does have one major advantage over other Rare Earth magnet materials: the Isotropic nature allows it to be magnetized in any direction. It is also possible to have complex multiple pole magnetization making it an ideal choice for the computer peripheral industries and for such applications as for example, precision motors. Radial and multiple pole magnetizations require special magnetizing fixtures.

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